We Will Manually Submit Your Video To The Top 35 Video Hosting Sites Getting You Massive Traffic And Exposure For Your Business

Do you submit your videos to YouTube? How would you like to get 35 times more exposure for your video? 

Most people just submit their video to YouTube (of course we submit your video to YouTube as well), however there are many other very high traffic video hosting sites where you should have your video hosted.

Get 35 Times More Exposure Submitting Your Video To All The Top Video Hosting Sites

These video hosting sites are some of the most highly trafficked sites in the world! Plus they have high Page Rank with Google. This means that videos hosted on these sites shoot up to the top of Google searches for their keywords.

For example Dailymotion is the 100th busiest website on the internet and gets millions of visitors each month. Are your videos there? 

If they are not you are missing valuable leads for your business. Plus Dailymotion videos get picked up very quickly in Google search for the keywords in the titles and description. And this is just one video hosting site we submit to out of 35!

Video Marketing Is Permanent- Have Us Submit Your Videos Once And Get Targeted Traffic For Years To Come!

Check out the video hosting sites we submit your video to below. Many of these sites are some of the highest traffic sites in the world with millions of visitors. We also submit your video to Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, Diigo and Stumbleupon.



Here is what we propose to do for you:
  • Submit your video manually to all 35 of the world’s highest ranked video hosting sites.
  • Professionally optimize your videos with your keywords in the titles, descriptions and keywords of your videos so you will be found in the search engines for your keywords.
  • We will strategically place links to your website and contact info in your video description so potential clients can contact you easily after viewing your video.
  • We will send you a complete report showing you exactly where we have submitted your video with the specific website links to your video on each video hosting site.
Here are the main benefits of our service:
    • Get 35 Times The Exposure For Your Video And Website– YouTube is great and we will definitely submit your video to YouTube. However, we are going to have potential clients coming to your website from 35 highly ranked sources not just one! Having 35 different ways for potential customers to find you on some of the highest traffic websites in the world can only help your sales.
    • Kill Your Competition In The Search Engine Rankings– Most of your competitors just submit one video to YouTube if that. The websites we are submitting to have super high rankings with Google. We will submit your site to over 35 high traffic video hosting sites not just one like your competition.
Videos Get Ranked To The Top Of Search Engine Results Super Fast!

  • Virtually Own Google Video Search For Your Keywords– Not only will you a have great ranking in the regular search engine listings but when people just search for videos on Google you will be everywhere on Google video search.

    If you just submit a YouTube video people most likely will find your 1 video in Google video search. However, if you submit your video to 35 different video hosting sites you will 35x more opportunities of being found in Google.

  • Save Your Valuable Time!– Could you do this yourself? You bet you could. This is not rocket science. It is however, extremely time consuming and very tedious! Smart business people delegate tedious tasks and concentrate on the more important aspects of their business
Everywhere Your Potential Clients Will Search For Your Keywords They Will Find Your Videos. Completely Dominate Your Niche!
  • Get Massive Traffic To Your Website We are submitting your compelling keyword optimized video, with your links and contact info to 35 of some of the highest ranked and trafficked sites in the world. These are not just little sites that nobody sees. 

    Each site we submit to gets millions of visitors. We only submit your video to major sites including YouTube. This can only increase your traffic dramatically. Why be content just submitting to just YouTube when you can get 30+x the traffic?
  • Have Professionals Submit And Optimize Your Videos– We do this all day. Chances are we are going to do a more effective job of submitting and optimizing your videos than you would after hours of tedious submissions and trial and error.
  • The Traffic And Videos Are PermanentVideo marketing is a great investment because unlike other traffic sources such as pay per click traffic your videos stay up forever! Your Dailymotion, Vimeo and YouTube video could stay up for years driving highly targeted traffic to your website and generating leads month per month.

    One small one-time investment and the traffic keeps coming and even building month after month as your videos get more visitors and traction in the search engines

To have us submit you submit and optimize your video it costs just a one-time $39.95 fee. If you consider the time alone it would take to register, and confirm each of the 35 accounts this service is a bargain.

When you add the fact that we will be keyword optimizing your titles, descriptions, tags and then uploading your video manually to each site this service is a no-brainer.

Once you order you will be re-directed to a page where you can give us the website address to your existing YouTube video or upload your video and give us your keywords and description. 

We will take over from there and begin submitting your video to all the major video hosting sites. You will receive a full report within one week of your order. If you have any questions please contact us at (954) 839-8684 and mention it is regarding the “video submission service.” Thank you, and much success with your marketing efforts!

Submission Of 1 Video To 35 Video Hosting sites: Price: $39.95

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Submission Of 3 Videos To 35 Video Hosting sites: Price: $99. (Save $20.)

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2CheckOut.com Inc. (Ohio, USA) is a payment facilitator for goods and services provided by Toprankedvideo.com.

Submission Of 5 Videos To 35 Video Hosting sites: Price: $149. (Save $50.)

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2CheckOut.com Inc. (Ohio, USA) is a payment facilitator for goods and services provided by Toprankedvideo.com.