Dominate The First 10 Pages Of Google Search For Your Local Keywords With Our Video SEO Marketing Service

Use Our Video SEO Promotion Service for 6 months and we guarantee you will dominate video search for your local keywords or we will continue to work for you for free until you do!

Do you want to rank to the top of the search engines for your keywords? Do you want to not only have a first page listing but dominate the first 10 pages of Google search results with MULTIPLE listings for your business? It can be done. And the fastest way for you to dominate search results for your keywords is through video.

We are not talking about expensive paid listings that you see on the side of Google search results. We are talking about the coveting “natural” listings that Google serves up when people are searching for your type of business. Potential clients generally become “ad blind” and focus out ads and look for the “real” natural listings on Google search. They attach much more credibility to natural search engine listings than to paid ad listings.

Our goal for your business is not just to have one listing on the first page of Google but to have multiple listings throughout the first 10 pages of Google natural search listings!

Imagine for example that you are a chiropractor in San Francisco. How would you like it if every time somebody typed into Google “chiropractor San Francisco” or “best chiropractor in San Francisco” or “Chiropractor review San Francisco” that they would find not just one video telling people how great you are but multiple videos on each of the first 10 pages of search all directing people to your website.

If your customers start seeing your videos everywhere they search, not just one listing, you are greatly increasing your credibility in the local marketplace and the chance that they will contact you.

Crush Your Competition In Video Search With Our Video SEO Marketing

The fastest way to get to the top of the search engine listings for your keywords is through video. YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo and over 30 other video hosting sites have a very high “Page Rank” with Google. This means that Google will pick up videos in search much more likely than even your own website.

Here Is What We Propose To Do For You:
  • Create An Attractive Original Professional Slideshow Video Promoting Your Service Each Month- You do not have to do anything. We will take information from your website and create a dynamic slideshow video which will compel viewers to contact you regarding your business. Often we take information from your FAQ which answers frequently asked questions about your business. Many times customers will be looking online for answers to popular questions asked about your type of business. How great would it be for them to find videos from you answering their questions? If you already solved one of their problems don’t you think they will feel more comfortable trusting you with their business?

Sample Slideshow Video For A Personal Injury Attorney

Please Note: If You Prefer We Can Take Your Current YouTube Videos And Promote These Instead Of Or In Addition To The Slideshow Videos That We Create For You
  • We Create 10 Unique Versions Of Your Video And Upload Them To 35 High Traffic Video Hosting Sites- You see your competition will upload their videos at most to just one YouTube channel. We upload your video 34 other highly ranked and high traffic video hosting sites. This gives you 35 times the exposure online than your competition. When your potential clients start searching for you online Google will pick up listings from YouTube but also Dailymotion, Vimeo, Viddler, Metacafe and many more! Everywhere you potential client searches they will find your video answering their important questions. Your competition will just have one lonely video which most likely will get lost amongst yours. Here is a list of video hosting sites where we submit your video.
  • Each Video Will Be Carefully Optimized By Our SEO Experts For Maximum Exposure In The Search Engines- We do SEO (search engine optimization) for a living. We are always reading and even writing articles on this subject on industry forums to learn exactly what the search engines are looking for to get your videos ranked to the top. We will do keyword research for your niche and use a variety of titles, descriptions, and tags to give you the maximum promotion for your business. Plus we place conspicuous links to your websites and your contact info in the video description area to make it easy for prospects to visit your website and to contact you.
  • We Promote Your Videos Massively Through Social Media And Blogs- We have our own system of promotion which will promote your videos on a huge network of Facebook fanpages, Twitter accounts, social bookmarking accounts, Google plus accounts and blogs. This promotion will generate likes and shares of your video giving them more credibility and ranking in the search engines.
  • Every Month We Create A New Video Based On Your Keywords And Repeat The Process Above Every Month!- Each month web submit 10 new videos, all optimized with different variations of you keywords to 35 video hosting sites and many more social media outlets. This creates hundreds of different versions of your video spread all over the internet each month. Since these videos are permanent they accumulate each month. After six months of submissions you will be completely dominating search for your keywords with hundreds if not thousands of versions of your keyword optimized spread all over the internet.
After Six Months Of Video Marketing Promotion You Will Have Hundreds Of Keyword Optimized Videos Completely Dominating Search For Your Keywords
Advantages Of Video SEO Marketing
  • Video Marketing Is Permanent– Once we submit your videos to the major video hosting sites and social bookmarking sites they are there for the life of the site. Unlike expensive pay per click advertising the traffic keeps coming in even if you stop paying us!
  • Video Marketing Traffic Is Free– Unlike pay per click advertising where you get charged up to $10. for every time somebody just clicks on your website video traffic is free. People can view your videos and click on your links all they want and you are never charged.
  • Natural Search Engine Listings Have More Credibility With Prospects– We are working on building your natural search engine rankings. Test have shown that searchers are 80% more likely to click on natural search engine listings as opposed to paid listings.
  • Videos Marketing Is Fast– Videos shoot up to the top of Google search listings fast! After the first week of video marketing you will start to find your videos appearing in Google video search. After one month of video marketing most customers start seeing numerous versions being listed multiple times in search. After a few months of consistent marketing most local businesses are finding that they are the dominant results for their keywords in Google search.
  • Videos Generate Massive Traffic– YouTube alone is the 2nd highest trafficked search engine after Google. YouTube itself generates millions of view per view. We not only submit your videos to YouTube but to over 30 other high traffic websites. Some of the video hostings sites are ranked in the top 100 most trafficked sites in the world. We put you before this audience!
  • Videos Will Help The Search Rankings Of Your Main Website– The more quality links you have pointing to your main website the better it will rank for your keywords. Also the more popular your website becomes the higher it ranks. We are constantly creating links and driving traffic to your main website with our video marketing from top quality sites. This can only send your traffic and search engine rankings for your main site higher!
Everywhere Your Customers Look Online For Your Type Of Business They Will Find You And Your Videos!

Imagine you are a real estate agent in Chicago. How great would it be that every time a potential buyer, seller, broker or renter who was looking for real estate in Chicago online they found your videos? One video might be of you presenting a luxury condo, another an office building for sale, another video could be you answering pertinent questions about Chicago real estate. This is what our service provides for you, massive exposure, and credibility through dominance of the local search results for your keywords.

We Provide Massive Exposure And Credibility for Your Business Through Dominance Of Local Search For Your Keywords

To get started simply order below. The cost for our service is just $97. per month. You may cancel anytime here and even after you cancel all the videos that posted will stay up. After you order you will be re-directed to our information page where you can give us some details about your business. We will then create your video and send you a copy. After we receive your approval we will begin promoting your videos massively online. You may contact us with questions anytime at (954)-839-8684. Please mention you are interested in the video seo marketing service.

Just $97. Per Month. You May Cancel At Any Time!

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